Item A.

I’ve learned well my lesson about this audience.
Two times ago? Perfect. Winner. Getting paid.
Last time? Not getting included at all, but the editor likes me enough to send me a personal message to tell me so, even though their web page says that they do not respond to writers unless they are using the work.
This time? Not a winner, but back in the magazine. And with a poem that my test readers were not very sold on.

Lesson learned. Audience grasped.

Item B.

Omg. Out of all the ridiculous things he’s said…he’s right about this one. I doubt he knows it (or maybe he does…maybe what he said about it wasn’t a joke), but today I got taken aside for a conversation along those lines. So now in addition to everything else, I have to try and…well…I’m not sure what exactly I’m supposed to do. Look after someone, I suppose. At least, that’s what it feels like I’m being asked to do. The word babysitting was definitely used. And not by me, unfortunately.

Now the magic trick is my finding a way to do that, but in regard to people who are in charge of me.

Item C.

I. Can’t. Even.
I had another thing and forgot it.

I need sleep.