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I got nothin’ for today, so you get a book review.
I promise I’m about done posting about this series.

Everworld: Mystify the Magician
By K.A. Applegate


Everworld is a place that can’t possibly exist—an alternate universe where all the gods and legends and creatures of myth are still hurling lightning bolts, casting spells, and making life difficult for the mortals of Everworld.

And as soon as David, Christopher, April, and Jalil escape from Neptune’s insane asylum under the sea, they find themselves washed on a beach where a lonely Cyclops is trying to decide which soggy teen to eat first…

Reeser’s Opinion:

This was a good one. So much happens to move the plot forward, and it all happens so fast…I was sad when it ended.
Naturally, nobody gets eaten by the Cyclops, but the teens wind up in the Everworld version of Ireland, where Applegate finally introduces us to some elf characters. And the druids. The druids are interesting…like magic plus some sort of natural science. The Irish people in Everworld have even adopted the electricity that our narrators introduced to Fairyland in book five, and they’ve expanded it from a primitive telegraph line to the kind of electricity that can light towns and power trolleys.

And this is also the installment where Senna escapes the others and brings her army to start conquering Everworld. For being so brief, this book is all kinds of crazy…violence and giants, and the Fiannan warriors getting blown into little bits, and the narrator (Christopher, this time) falling in love with Etain, the half-elf princess—it was a lot more plot related stuff than is in most of the individual books. Definitely one of my top three favourites for the series.

The next one is the end for Everworld—*sadface*—but I suppose crazy mythic gods and whatnot just couldn’t compete with aliens and kids who can transform into animals like in Applegate’s more popular Animorphs series.