I booked a flight.
Yes. Riveting. I know.
Everyone and their mother looks at that pulse.

What? You all wish you could join me?
That was not an exciting pulse.

Being at the airport at 445am is not that exciting. I may as well drive there from work (except that then I’d be paying for parking).

Today I:

Woke up and immediately started thinking about work.

Ate a piece of fruit stabbed on the end of a knife. I don’t like touching fruit. Too sticky. But for some reason my mom didn’t like me eating off a knife while little dogs danced all around me… *shrug*

Went on a road that turned sideways. Yeah. It was as unnerving as it sounds.

Saw a dead coyote by the road. It made me sad.
Been getting paranoid about coyotes lately though…there is a not-small group of them that lives close enough that when I come home at 2 and 3am, I can hear them yapping and squealing and carrying-on. My guess is that there are four or five of them. Someone in a house back from the neighborhood owns a deep-voiced hound dog that likes to hurl insults back at them…it’s very loud sometimes.

Went for a hike and got stopped by devil-bees. We were about 6-7 feet from this bee, and it sounded like a chainsaw. It flew close and hovered there like it was waiting for us to try and pass it…and since I don’t actually know if I’m allergic to bee stings, we opted to turn back rather than face the thing, only to have it circle around us and hover at eye level, looking at us. It was one of the most disturbing encounters I’ve ever had with an insect.

I kept thinking later about Japanese hornets…and if you don’t know anything about them, trust me: you don’t want to.
I saw a video once of a few hornets utterly destroying an entire hive of bees…and I’m not a huge bee-sympathizer, but it was extremely disturbing.

On the way home, I saw a bunch of turkey vultures lounging around under a tree. As morbid as it is, I always think it’s kind of endearing that they’re such social birds and that they gather up and fly south for the winter, just like waterfowl and all the cute twittering bird-types. But yeah. I saw them and pointed them out to my sister, who looked just as we were passing them and a vulture ripped a big hunk of Bambi-flesh off the deer that I hadn’t noticed. She says she’s scarred for life now.  >.<“

Went out later with sister to get iced cream. Looked at all the Halloween stuff that was out and shushed that small voice that says someday it wants to get Halloween plateware and use it all the time. We looked at baking goods and saw the little Halloween sugar shapes for on top of cakes and things…they had sugar butcher knives so you could make cupcakes with knives sticking out of them. It is an awesome idea.

Then…we saw a scrap of paper on the floor. No idea why we picked it up.
It was an obituary. In which they included a poem by the dead man for his loved ones.
It started out, “I do not sleep. I am a thousand winds that blow…”


We stopped at that point and looked at who it was, and discovered that it was an obituary from 2008. We felt bad then because somewhere out there is one of this dead man’s loved ones, who cut that out and kept it all this time, only to lose it in the grocery store.

I am currently brainstorming ways to seek this person out and return it to them.
Riveting. I know.