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Oh look…the very last one of these.

Everworld: Entertain the End
By K.A. Applegate


Everworld is a place that can’t possibly exist—an alternate universe where all the gods and legends and creatures of myth are still hurling lightning bolts, casting spells, and making life difficult for the mortals of Everworld. And now Senna Wales, the witch girl from Chicago, is bringing in her personal army of crazy men with machine guns and grenades to subdue them all.

Reeser’s Opinion:

Agh! I was so disappointed that the series ended! SO DISAPPOINTED!

Without giving all of the ending away, there is so much going on that could’ve been extended into further stories…but I can only assume that the series wasn’t popular enough for Scholastic to keep publishing.

I mean…at the end, Senna’s army has killed some of the biggest and baddest mythical characters, but the teens have escaped and struck a deal with Loki to free Odin, Baldur, and Thor from Hel, and they’ve struck another deal with King Baldwin of the dwarves, so that if he will help them fight Ka Anor, the princess Etain will marry him…and all the while, the magic keeping the teens in both worlds at once is wearing off, and they have to decide if they’ll stay part of the lifeless real world, or remain in Everworld forever.

This is the only series I’ve come across where I am 100% sure that it should’ve continued. There are a lot of series and even some books where I’ve been reading and thought, “this should’ve ended at that one plot point or after book such-and-such”, but not so with Everworld.
There were some points where it got boring, but overall…this series is so worth reading if you ever come across the books and are into the whole myth aspect of them. I’m glad I finally got to finish them.