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Welp, it’s that time of year where I post a list of everything I read since last September.
Clearly I haven’t been reading as much…which is probably due to my life revolving around work, staying late at work, and ensuring I get adequate sleep.

I also read a lot of crummy books this year, which didn’t inspire me to read very quickly, either. I don’t know why I read so many bland things or things I wasn’t really interested in…but I did discover one of my favourite books EVER this year though, so it wasn’t all a waste.

I haven’t posted the reviews for all of these yet…but I will.

* Marks the books I was recommended or asked to review.
^ Marks books that I don’t own and ended up reading anyway for various reasons.
° Marks books that I read, but did not review.
± Marks books I would like to get rid of (message me if any of them look interesting, since I might still have them and could send them to you)
#Marks my personal favourites from this batch

1. Everworld: Search for Senna – K.A. Applegate°

2. Everworld: Land of Loss – K.A. Applegate°

3. Everworld: Enter the Enchanted – K.A. Applegate°

4. Everworld: Realm of the Reaper – K.A. Applegate#°

5. Everworld: Discover the Destroyer – K.A. Applegate°

6. Everworld: Fear the Fantastic – K.A. Applegate#°

7. Everworld: Gateway to the Gods – K.A. Applegate

8. Everworld: Brave the Betrayal – K.A. Applegate

9. Everworld: Inside the Illusion – K.A. Applegate

10. Everworld: Understand the Unknown – K.A. Applegate

11. Everworld: Mystify the Magician – K.A. Applegate#

12. Everworld: Entertain the End – K.A. Applegate

13. The Zombie Survival Guide – Max Brooks

14. The King in Yellow – Robert W. Chambers

15. Clockwork Prince – Cassandra Clare#

16. A Glory of Unicorns – Ed. Bruce Coville

17. Dark Fairies – Bob Curran#

18. The Complete Sherlock Holmes – Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

19. Halloween – Ed. Paula Guran#

20. The Science of Harry Potter: How Magic Really Works – Roger Highfield

21. The Outsiders – S.E. Hinton

22. Redwall – Brian Jacques±

23. Salamandastron – Brian Jacques

24. Martin the Warrior – Brian Jacques

25. The Long Patrol – Brian Jacques±

26. Marlfox – Brian Jacques±

27. The Legend of Luke – Brian Jacques

28. Inklings – Melanie Jeschke±

29. American Supernatural Tales – Ed. T.S. Joshi#°

30. Black Wings of Cthulhu – Ed. S.T. Joshi#

31. Fallen – Lauren Kate*

32. Teatro Grottesco – Thomas Ligotti#

33. Teatro Grottesco – Thomas Ligotti#

34. Teatro Grottesco – Thomas Ligotti# (yeah…I read it three times. What of it?)

35. Once Upon A Winter’s Night – Dennis L. McKiernan±

36. Goth – Otsu-ichi