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It started out with my trying to think of a costume that wouldn’t obstruct the fact that I am an employee. We were allowed to wear costumes last year, but they haven’t decided for sure if we can or not this time around…and I wanted to…but…what?
And then I went into Hot Topic and found a furry vest that I’d secretly wanted to get when it first came out…but I wasn’t about to pay $50 for it. But on marked down clearance? Heck yea. For $5? Sold to the Reeser who decided that, with a pair of wolf-ears and a tail, this was a good costume idea.

And then I decided to wear it to the Renaissance festival the other day, because I was that excited about it.
My bad.

I mean, it was fun…my sister said I looked like I was wearing Hagrid’s hairy suit…and, when I went to see him, Jesse gave me one of those looks that said he wasn’t sure if he wanted to admit he knows me. And then I realised that I needed to get gas before I drove out to the festival.

I forgot I was wearing a costume.
And decided to go inside and pay so I could also get a soda. I never do that. But…I am cool enough that, when I realised with a painful suddenness that people who were paying for gas and buying their cigarettes were probably looking at me funny because I was dressed as an animal, I acted like I was doing it on purpose (accident! it was an accident!).

Then the little door flap on my gas tank was stuck tight because the lock mechanism was so rusted. Aaand I couldn’t figure out how to get it open. So I called my dad and waited 30+ minutes for him to get to the gas station. That is a long time to be stranded at a gas station. Doubly so when you are feeling foolish and wearing an animal costume. Eventually though, I buy my gas and get on the road.

When I arrive at the festival, which is set up as an outer circle of shops and food places, and an inner green space where there are kid rides and games and a maypole and tents and a chapel and the jousting arena…all that good stuff, I go along the circle until I reach the game area. There is a place there where you can try your luck throwing axes, knives, or ninja stars…and I always wanted to do it, but every time I’ve ever gone, the people I’m with either think it’s dumb or that I shouldn’t be permitted to handle sharp objects. But I was by myself. Nobody to stop me.
I made a beeline for the axe throwing station…and while I watched some of the other visitors throw things, I noticed a familiar-seeming man in a kilt. But I wasn’t sure, so I didn’t say anything…and then I noticed a girl with really wild hair, and I did what all socially ungraceful wolfs do, and stalked up behind her and blurted out, “Blen, is that you?”

Yep. It was. I work with Blen and Joey.
After some deliberation, we decided to all hang out for a while. Blen was much better at ninja stars than I was at axe throwing. None of my axes stuck in the wall, although the attendant (who speculated that I had killed a goat for my vest) assured me that if I hit someone with them, that person would be unconscious. Apparently there is a photo of me doing this, but I have yet to receive it. 😛

Went and looked at Renaissance clothes and I tried very hard (without success) to explain that the dresses were made of four pieces…the petticoats, the outer skirts, the loose undershirts and the corset that goes over it…Blen did not believe me and is still convinced that the outer skirt was a sundress with an unflattering cut…   x_x
There was a tall slide that we went on, too…it wasn’t that exciting, but one of the ride attendants wanted to know what animal I killed for my furry vest. (Why it had to be an animal that I killed and not one that I am pretending to be is something I don’t get…)

We walked some more, and then Blen and Joey and Joey’s family decided to watch a human chess match…and I confess I got bored and started to get that feeling of being excessively awkward…so I took my leave of them and wandered on.
I went around, looking at lots of the little shops and craft things…watched the glassblower make the last piece they were planning on making this season…idk…the glassblowing is fascinating to watch. If you ever have the opportunity to watch this craft, you should. A lot of crafts take longer to complete, but glass animals? Bam. Watching them made really is like magic.

I talked to a lot of strangers, which I don’t typically do unless I am at work…or by myself. I’m baffled that I feel less inclined to interact with strangers when I am with people I actually know…but…I don’t know…something feels weird. Like, if I were with someone who knows me and would expect me to be quiet, I would be that person because it’s how I’m accustomed to be in that situation. Does that make sense? Idk…it’s just easier if I’m alone. Because then nobody expects anything from me. I can be quiet if I feel like it, or talkative if I feel like doing that instead…and nobody will wonder why I did this or that. It’s kind of nice, actually. But, yeah…I talked to lots of people.

At some point, my wanderings brought me back around to the ride area, and I was taking a picture when I heard a voice calling to “you there, in the fur!”
Because I am narcissistic, I assumed they were referring to myself…and they were. It was the slide attendant, wanting to speculate more on what animal I might have killed for my coat. After some back and forth, he decided I seemed like a creature who killed baby animals. Baby buffalo, to be specific. Aaand…then because the universe knows I so enjoy being the object of spectacle (and because the attendant made a crestfallen remark on the rose sticking out of my bag), the two men pulling the rickshaw cart came past and the slide attendant hollered at them to stop and take me around the festival grounds.
They and I had a loud, obnoxious conversation where I asked them to try and persuade me to let them cart me around, and they failed (mostly because I would have had to pay and my legs are in perfectly good working order), but I did sit in the cart for a while to oblige them and the slide attendant. The rickshaw men decided that I was too fierce to kill baby buffalo, and that I had skinned a bear…but I still wasn’t flattered enough to pay them. I went on my way. 😛

Mere minutes later, a voice came up to me (does that sound right? it doesn’t…but that’s what it is like when people come up behind you like that) and said, “Wolf, dear, give me your hand.”
Is it ridiculous that there is a teeny, tiny part of me that has fantasized about strangers referring to me as Wolf? (It is. Very sad, indeed. I promise I am not a crazy. Really. Really not a crazy.)
And…of all the ridiculous ways I wound up feeling because of that costume, I must laugh at myself a little for this one…I mean…she had a perfectly imperious voice, and I wound up dazedly doing what it demanded and walking hand-in-hand with this girl who told me she’d seen my costume and had to walk with me. She was wearing a red hood, so I understood what she meant…it did seem amusingly ironic. She led me into a little shop of monster and myth and medieval themed artwork, and I told her stupidly that I’d already been in there. She said she knew because that’s where she’d seen me and she thought I should have another look around…and she promptly disappeared again. It was the most unsettling thing that happened to me that day. (Aside from…you know…using the cruise control on my car for the first time ever on the way to the festival, and freaking out because my car was driving itself. I really didn’t understand what cruise control was supposed to do, I guess.)

I didn’t end up buying anything from that artist (partly because he said I looked like I’d skinned a Muppet…we had a conversation about whether muppets tasted like cotton candy or just cotton)…but I went to the next art shop and did buy something from them.
I’ve always liked visiting that art stand, which has been at the fair the last three or four times I’ve gone. Partly I like visiting it because the artist invariably dresses as Link from the Legend of Zelda games, and I’m not much of a gamer, but I do enjoy those ones…and also because he makes a lot of wolf pictures. So I bought one and he signed it because I am awesome and his brother offered it before he could object. 😛
You can see his artwork here.

Watched part of the joust, too. The horses were being ornery and had to be swapped around because one of them didn’t want to run…and there was a lady knight, which I have never seen at these shows before. It was interesting, and I was a little disappointed that she didn’t win, but I suspect the horse was just sabotaging her. 😛

There was one other noteworthy person I spoke with. I was making my way around toward the exit gate when I passed a cart where a man was selling devil horns and fox tails. He saw me and was like, “YOU! Look! I have your twin right here!”
There was a girl dressed as a bear at the cart, and she and I waved and chatted a minute about being the only people dressed as animals at the Renaissance fair…and how that isn’t exactly surprising, but it’s funny that so many people point it out. (I got a number of Vikings telling me they liked my costume…or my ears, specifically. I think my response to one was “all the better to hear you with!”  >.< )

Overall, a fun visit despite being mostly solo.
I’m a little flustered though, that someone brought this costume up when I was in the office at work yesterday. I don’t recover very gracefully from that kind of thing…kind of like when someone told our CEO that I beat people up. x_x
Luke seemed disappointed though. Said I should’ve told him I was going. This whole not being allowed to hang out is obnoxious…although he pointed out that if we happen to run into each other on accident, then, well…it’s an accident, right? Indeed. (I am never certain how I should take that…do these people actually want to hang out with me? or is it just fun to talk about? idk…)

……………….you know.

Maybe interacting with others is easier when you wear a costume. Because then it isn’t really you.
Like it is here.

Except that this really is me.
Isn’t it?