Omg. I should sleep. I should. But I’m still all wound up from work…hard to go to sleep right away when I didn’t drive out of the parking garage until 320ish.

It’s worse because someone seriously pissed me off…pretty sure you should never joke that your supervisor is a porn star, and then still try to laugh it off and get out of doing work after she told you to stop talking and get out of the office now.

And that was the crowning moment of my day where I already slept badly after dreaming about being held in a chair with one of those bars they have on roller coasters, while someone is a different room kept turning a shower head on and off…there was a plug in the wall that kept sparking…I thought I was going to be electrocuted because I couldn’t get out of the seat bar, and none of the people who could hear me would help me. It was awful…one of those dreams where you wake up feeling very tense. And angry. I woke up angry. No idea why. And that was helped *insert sarcasm* by the feeling that someone all day has been stabbing a very thin knife into my left temple.

But…it’s okay. It’s fine. Everyone else was great. And this individual even came back and apologised and gave me a hug (I could’ve done without that, but it was too late to protest…SO MANY PEOPLE HAVE BEEN HUGGING ME AT WORK………WHY??? *tearing hair out*). So overall…alright. Just taking me a long time to process all my excess angry feelings.

At least they overshadow the awkward things. Like someone threatening to get between me and my food. I said they wouldn’t fit there. They said that sounded like a challenge.

I took it back. My coworkers have taken it upon themselves to fulfill some very awkward challenges.
This one sounded like a red light to me. x_x

Well. Back up.
It’s not that I care about people hugging me. I don’t. I’m just not a hugging type.
I wish I was taller though. Or shorter. Because apparently I am the proper height for our shorter enployees to come up and lay their heads on my shoulders. I never know what to say when people do that, so instead I am just left wondering why everyone’s all touchy-feely all of a sudden…

It could be worse though. More awkward. With everyone instead just gravitating to me and standing there, watching me and not talking. We do this a lot, I think. It would be awkward, I guess…but…no. Maybe the thing that might classify it as awkward is that it isn’t. Pretty sure it’s not typical to hold eye contact that long and it not be awkward. Maybe it is supposed to be a game and I just don’t get it.

Gah. It’s after 5. Must sleep now.
3 days left of 7 work days in a row.