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So. I’m still around, if anyone was wondering.
That song has been stuck in my head anyway. Posting something just gives me an excuse to listen to it again.

The Zombie Survival Guide
By Max Brooks


Zombies are everywhere in our movies, television shows, and books these days. Most of these works of fiction ask how we would react in a world where our neighbors, coworkers, family and friends have been transformed into mindless bodies, hungering after our flesh.

Max Brooks claims that we know enough now to avoid the surprised and reactionary fate of those fictional characters, and with the proper preparation and training, we can survive anything from a small zombie outbreak to a full-on zombie apocalypse.

Reeser’s Opinion:

My friends and coworkers and sister are all into that Walking Dead show…we have a “zombie survival plan” at my theatre…the CDC has precautions for a zombie outbreak scenario…I watch documentaries about zombies on the history and science channels (much more interesting to me than the Walking Dead)…

It was really only a matter of time before someone gave me this book.

I appreciate Jester’s mom for thinking of me and giving it to me for my birthday last year (that she wanted me to survive must be a good sign, right?), but after reading this book, I have to admit that I am both hopelessly unprepared for a zombie attack, and that I will probably end up dead or on their side if one should take place.

I lack the discipline to take up serious weapons or combat training, and I don’t really fancy the idea of stockpiling firearms…so…yeah. I will probably die.
But if you are serious enough about your own survival to learn how to avoid and defeat the zombies, then this book is certainly instructive. Especially about the weapons. He has segments on just about every weapon you might think of using against zombies, and concludes that most will be ineffective since, in the Brooks worldview, zombies can only be taken out by destroying the brain.

In addition to most weapons being useless, Brooks’ overall predictions for who and how many people will survive the zombies are bleak. Just about any scenario that he comes up with involves a hefty helping of luck (in addition to your stealth, weapons, and training, of course) to survive. But in spite of overwhelming odds, you CAN survive! (As a zombie, probably.)

The best portion of the book is what you will find at the end.

After you wade through all the useless weaponry and bleak scenarios and wonder if you should just give up and take your place in the ranks of undead…there is a segment where Brooks has amassed summaries of recorded zombie attacks and encounters throughout history. Interesting to think about zombies in the historical record.

But of course, we know that’s not really what happened  to the lost colony of Roanoke…