Oh. There you are.

Sometimes I think that. I think I see.
I read something she posted earlier, and thought I caught a glimpse of a person that is not one I typically confess being. Not the monster. Not the dark. Not the thundercloud, but some tissue-papery thing that I don’t know how to describe. Probably because I spend so much energy on dismissing it.

For something so crumply, it sure is persistant.

Oh well. Forget that. I am tired…slept for three and a half hours after work last night…woke up to Grim barking at nothing at 8am. I think she must know some sort of code, since there was a pattern to her barks…two higher pitched ones, then three lower, more gurgly ones. For a half hour straight. Gah.

Then more work, where I messed about and…did some things, I’m sure. I scarcely even remember at this point. I reviewed applications? I don’t know. I did smack someone with a tray. Not on purpose, of course…I was trying to hand it to him and he bolted right into it. More reasons not to run? I mean, I am not a runner. I don’t run. Running is undignified. And it makes my feet hurt because my footbones are weird…but…our dogs like to play chase and will poke at each other until the other starts chasing, and they run all over the yard that way.

Similarly, I allowed myself to be provoked into chasing one of the managers through the lobby area. Just for fun, I guess.
We were not being very professional.

Now I am so tired my face feels funny.
I should sleep.