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I got a shot today. Cried like a little pansy child and the nurse wouldn’t let me leave because she thought I looked like I would faint.

Jester got me Arby’s and Reese’s Pieces because he is the best boyfriend ever.

Here is a book I read ages ago. Click through my tags to find the review of its predecessor.

Clockwork Prince
By Cassandra Clare


Having destroyed the Dark Sisters, angered the vampire De Quincy, and staved off an army of clockwork monsters that sent by the Magister to recapture Tessa, she and her shadowhunter friends are still no closer to discovering what he wants with her in the first place, or even if she is truly a warlock.

After all the attacks, the English Clave of shadowhunters is also starting to question Charlotte’s ability to run the English institute, giving her an impossible deadline to find the Magister and come up with a plan to capture him. Their search leads them through the dark moors of Yorkshire, the opium dens of London, and to a demonic costume ball where the dark secrets of the shadowhunters are every bit as bad as what they learn about the Magister. And Tessa.

Reeser’s Opinion:


I liked this book. I liked it a lot.
I enjoy a story built on mistaken identity, tragic misunderstandings, and with monsters, misty moors and steampunk to boot. Clare’s books seem to have an overabundance of those first few things, so I won’t complain that there wasn’t enough to keep me interested…

The downside is that there is an unfortunate abundance of is stupid teen romance, full of fluttering stomachs, pounding hearts, and intense gazes. And vomit. Although I may have added that last bit myself.

I mean…I want to know why Will left his family and asked only to be told if any of them died. I want to know why the Magister hates the Shadowhunters and wants revenge. I want to know Tessa’s true identity. I just wish I didn’t have to suffer through Tessa’s annoying indecision about whether she likes Jem or Will more in order to find out about those things.

I’m shocked, too, that this story is set in the Victorian era, and yet Clare puts in the second installment a scene that was beats away from becoming R-rated. That’s pretty out of character for the time period (or the perception of it, anyway), and in the other series she has about this world of shadowhunters, at least Clare waited until the fourth book to pop in a scene like that.
*shakes head*

I don’t know…as much as I can’t stand all of that, the characters are engaging enough that I don’t want to stop reading. I will probably read the last book in this set when it comes out late this year or early next.

(And let it be a lesson to me to never, ever ever ever let my sisters trick me into reading another book…even if they do annoying things like start referring to me as Magnus Bane, and tell me that if I just read the books, I’d understand…I mean, after 6 books, I’m still pretty baffled at how they drew a connection between me and the fabulously gay high warlock of Brooklyn. Maybe I don’t want to know.)