I love music.

My arm? Not so much. It’s still sore and stiff feeling from the shot yesterday, although there’s no bruise and it’s not all red or anything. But the skin where the bandaid stuck to me is still red. Apparently I am still allergic to adhesives.

But I love music.
So many good songs in my music library that I forgot all about…I think it’s because they were all ones I listened to when I was dead and dying. I have a vague recollection of thinking that if I put the sounds away for a while, that would help. What a stupid thing to think, that I should put away such good songs! Agh…the very idea…! *offended*

Oh well. I got it back now. And I’m not dying (although that one song…I swear…I can’t listen to it without crying) or anything stupid anymore.

Saw Wreck It Ralph with my sister today. I enjoyed it. I recommend.
We went to get pet food and talk with people in the cookie store, who have apparently seen me so many times that they can recognise members of my family when I bring them in… I like cookies too much?

And here I was all excited to have a hunk of turkey for dinner tonight…whoops.

Really I have nothing to say right now. I get boring like that sometimes.
Not ready for Twilight tomorrow. Ugh. Vampires. (Don’t get me wrong, I do enjoy me some vampires…)

I got nothin else right now though. I go now.