Eek…I should be sleeping. So I can go to work tomorrow. In the morning. :O
(I almost always close, so it’s something of a shock…and YES, movie theatres really are open 365 days a year.)

But instead I am awake. Battling the tireds so I can have dry, clean laundry.

But, you know…at least I have a job.
One that I can go to and have conversations like this–

Josh: Can I borrow your keys to open the storage room?
Luke: Sure.
Josh: Is it this one?
Luke: Yep. Key gets me into everywhere I ever wanted to go…storage, offices, liquer room…*Josh leaves* Your house.
Me: I beg your pardon?
Luke: Yep. Didn’t you know? I had the locks changed.
Me: And a pack of screaming dogs didn’t chase you off?
Luke: Nope.
Me: I see. So. Are you trying to get into my house, or keep me out?
Luke: Well, I was trying to get in, but I guess it won’t be as fun to sneak around your house now that you’re locked out.
Me: …
Luke: What?
Me: Creeper.

And this–

Erin: Are there two Ewok movies?
Me: That’s what iMDB said. Except I forget the title of the second one.
Erin: Huh. Maybe I can look it up on my phone…
Me: Maybe. I just wanted it to look like I was doing something more producive than looking up movies about…space teddies.
Erin: *laughs* Space teddies? I guess they do look like fluffy little bears–
Me: –with scary faces! I would not hug that teddy bear.
Erin: Now I have the Gummi Bears theme song stuck in my head.

Yeah. We listened to the song. So much for productivity 😛