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A Glory Of Unicorns
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A very lame book review.

A Glory of Unicorns
Ed. By Bruce Coville


In this collection of unicorns, there are stories about magic wallpaper, portals to other dimensions, and blind girls getting poisoned, dancing unicorns made of fire, mangy and malnourished unicorns hiding in closets, or donkey-like unicorns with crooked horns.

The stories may not be as rosy as we expect, and the unicorns may not all be sparkling and white, but each of their stories show the unicorns’ unwavering ability to love and to teach others to do likewise.

Reeser’s Opinion:

One of those books I was given as a child.
You know how it is.

On one hand, I’m not overly fond of most of the stories, or even the writing…but there is one story that I’ve remembered now and then, about a boy whose parents covered his room in wallpaper with a forest scene on it, and the unicorn that steps out of the wallpaper one day…

I often wondered if I only imagined having read that story, but I guess I didn’t.

The rest of the stories are fine for kids who like horses and fantasy stories, but I didn’t particularly care for them. I will probably still keep the book though…it’s one of those books I read and say to myself, “aha. If I ever have a small Reeser, I will read this book to it”.

It just underscores my idea that there needs to be a seriously evil unicorn that takes a sharp departure from these kiddie unicorn stories. 😛