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That is what comes to mind.

Ever see a dog dancing all around and getting excited over something like a treat or a walk or a food bowl or you walking in the room or seeing a bird outside or something? That is Wolf. Except while dogs are going OMYGOSHOMYGOSHOMYGOSH, all I can get out of him is an exclamation point. Triumph over the creepy voice of the leopard seal? (I swear, I have heard the voice somewhere before…in a movie, perhaps…but I can’t think of what movie, or when)    I am just getting concerned that, for all the voices he hears, Wolf never utters a sound.

That is what matters.
Offensive, the way I keep letting it slide from my mind.

Also offensive, the symbols my mind latches onto for its personal mythology.
The Winter. The Dark Depths. The Seal.
The Eye. The Fire. The Wolf.

I thought I was done with it. That the continuity would break off at some point. And maybe it did (myths do that), but I have it again. And it’s concentrated in this right now, but…it’s there.
I just don’t like that when I try and look at the pieces as though they could complete a picture, it looks like something is trying to get me. I don’t like that. It’s the whole reason the Wolf exploded into my mental landscape…so I could beat that sort of thing down. But…what exactly is trying to get me?

Maybe it’s nothing.
Maybe it’s all my own idiocy.
The seal didn’t bring all that icy sea to me.

Unthinkable as it is, I must’ve ventured out of my own accord. Not thinking about the hypothermia, or the fact that I can’t swim, or the fact that the seal might outweigh me by a crushing 1220lbs. Foolish wolfcreature.

This is why I keep having dreams about being semi-trapped in cold, dark, deep water, where all that stands between me and drowning is a sinking jet, or a dog-dolphin. Unreliable, at best.

And the voice on the edge of my hearing…

Do you ever think about a sound–voice, music, etc–so intently, that you’d swear that there’s almost naught keeping other people from hearing the sound in you mind?

I do that.
Except I’m the only one who hears it.
And it’s that voice.