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This makes two times ever that I have dreamed, and in that dream, not been myself, nor an unnamed presence, nor something ridiculous like Sebastian the Nutcracker Prince, but been instead someone that I actually know. Creepy stuff.

In this dream, there was a girl who I thought was a princess, and her maid. They were sitting on a lawn as the day passed, and it passed abnormally fast, and worrying because they knew that as the shadows grew, that a creature was going to come after the princess, and the only thing they could hope for was that I would be able to distract and wrestle and otherwise slow down the creature until it was light again and he would be forced back into the shadows.

Princess and maid were meh. Kind of had a vaguely Disney-plus-anime thing going on…not that they were cartoony…they were real people…but…idk…weird.

The creature though…was a dog shaped thing that sort of…had a pulsing reddish glow.
At the beginning of the dream, I saw it in a shadow of the trees, and it kept coming closer until I could hear it growling, and i told the princess she had better get going…and they did, but in the dream world, the sun doesn’t take it’s time setting. It’s like, BAM! Dark. And here comes this rocket-propelled monster.

I spent the rest of the dream running over grassy lawns and through a palace populated primarily by velvet drapes and baroque furniture, throwing things at the creature, hurling myself at it and knocking it down, hiding and making little sounds to trick it into following me, and then tumbling down a flight of stairs, grappling with it and hoping I could hold on long enough for the princess to get some distance away…and…as I wrestled with this creature, which suddenly had arms and walked upright, I had an unpleasant sensation that I knew that shaggy, wolfish face, and the hot-coal pattern of light…

And he seemed to know what I knew, and laughed at me. He told me that for all my efforts, he was winning, and that he had never been trying to catch the princess at all.

And I knew he was me.

And he sprang away from me to chase the princess he wasn’t even trying to catch, and I bolted around the corner after him, only to be confronted with a tall mirror in a golden frame…and I am not me.
I could have dealt with that. But I am also not a stranger, which I would have expected.

No…the face I see belongs to someone I know, and the shock at seeing this face reflected at me was enough to wake me up.

I should make friends with someone who’s really into dream interpretation.
They could spend forever on my dreams.