Oh, poor wolf creature…what will I do with you?

The more I consider it, the more I am pulled into two equally opposite opinions: that either I will see I have been extremely and regrettably foolish…or that I will be amused enough for it to have been worth the worry.

I wish I could dissuade him from doing things. But…you know…it seemed like the thing to do at the time. (I say that all the time, but when I say it and am him, I mean it more.) More to write about to K, I guess. I looked at her last email, and the one I sent before that…and I am sort of astonished at how she picked up on something I hadn’t really said much about. I should stop being astonished.

Out of all the people I know and have known to read my words, I feel sometimes like she is the only one who’s figured out how to do it right.

I had a pretty good day today though. As much as I am a night creature, it was good to see the sun.