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Slept many hours between my last post and work today. Still felt tired.

Didn’t leave the theatre until about 345, and we could’ve been out of there earlier…but after 3, I think we stopped caring. And made milkshakes. And I was roared at and had a plastic Sting waved in my face…some kid left it at the theatre…it glows and makes a woosh-INK! sound when you swing it. All I had to retaliate with was a teeny glow-stick some server stuck in my pocket (but it’s okay…being a monster, my roaring is more impressive. probably why I am having swaords brandished at me). Overall, not conducive to me filling out reporting spreadsheets.

We talked about how people sound when they talk, and Qaman was doing ridiculous impressions of how people sound when he stops caring…the impression of me was ludicrously low, but Abbie says that she can kind of get it. She says, “but your voice is high…while being low.” Supposedly it made sense in her head. I has the doubts. šŸ˜›

Ugh. What else?
I was thinking about something that didn’t make sense…can’t think now about what it was…

OH! Right. Smart phones.

So, I was thinking about upgrading to a smartphone next month, but I was curious about these phones. I’ve noticed a lot of them have passwords, and it kind of makes me wonder if it’s possible to dial an emergency number on a smartphone without putting in a password. Because what if I am in a situation where I’m disoriented and can’t think of my password, but know I should dial 911? Or what if someone has a medical emergency, and the only phone available is their password protected smartphone? How can I help them without having their password?

I mean…I might not even be thinking about this if I hadn’t called 911 twice since fall…once for the cows running around the neighborhood, and the other time for the van driving on the wrong side of the highway at 3am…but I wonder a lot about it now. Or…heaven forbid…what if the theatre has an emergency like they did in Denver, or like the fire we had two springs ago, and I find myself in the absurd situation of not having my phone handy, but having access to someone’s phone they left charging in the office?

I know this sounds like an excuse to use other people’s phones…but I’m being serious. I want to know I’d still be able to reach emergency services in those situations. Because I’m paranoid. Really, really paranoid…

So yeah. Cheers.