Hello xangaworld.

So. Christmas happened. I had a very enjoyable day of not working, so hurrah, since, you know…I worked the last two Christmasses.

I don’t think I gave any terribly lame gifts this year, so yay on that as well…I got smiles and laughter from Jester’s younger sister, whom he says doesn’t smile much, so I’ll count that as a win, too. Glad I got to spend a decent amuont of time with both our families this year.

Good day all around…good food, pets behaved (mostly)…I even think everyone got along.

The only thing I felt bad about was Melody. I wish I had called her or something, since she ended up spending today alone.
But I will call her on my next day off. And every day after that until we have a chance to talk again. So frustrating that she’s so far away.  -_-

And may it be noted that I was also mobbed by unicorns. Lots of them.