Stupid stupidness.

Got to work and had to park on the ramp up to the top level of the garage…and of COURSE, when I finally get to leave at 330 (after the other supervisor left at 220ish, and I’d been told at 115 that I would get to leave soon…riiiight) I go out and find that my car is just slightly not under the roof…like, the line of snow started two steps away from my car, aaaaaaand the whole thing is covered in snow.

Scrape off car. Start sliding immediately after leaving the garage. Snow on coat and shoes starts melting. Very soggy. Drive about 30-45 mph all the way home, so that a 25 min trip becomes 45 min. In soggy clothes.

Arrive home in time to drive past idiot neighbors’ house where they are sitting in their garage, smoking (at 415am, no less), and see one of them slip and fall flat on his back in the driveway. Ha. Hahahahaha.