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So…I was feeling nostalgic and obsessive-compulsive all at once, and decided that this year, I would look back at my old postings and see if anything there is worth re-sharing with everyone. I intend to do this once a month…make up a post with excerpts from my very old entries.

You never know. It might be amusing, since nobody who reads my posts now knew me when I started on Xanga.
And…after I went back through all those old posts, I even think this could be a two-part thing. Woot.

Friday we had a substitute teacher and he taught us to kill people with dull pencils. He taught us how to hold it and stab it into someone’s neck… In science, we had a lot of fun Friday because Breanna was trying to steal my giant paperclip again and wear it… but I am the Lord of the paperclip, so it will always return to its master. *wink*

(I was 17 there…and already it sounds like me.)

But, more than that I can’t stand the Rime of the Ancient Mariner. It’s like (if you’ve seen the movies) something along the lines of “James & the Giant Peach meets Pirates of the Caribbean”.

(I was really stupid in my freshman year of college. Rime of the Ancient Mariner is definitely not like those movies.)

To begin with, I will again explain how the name “Reeser the Shadow” came about. Mostly it came from my involvement with the Five Iron Frenzy chat room that I found through their old website. I had a good deal of fun talking to the other kids and fans that used to frequent the chat.  Some that I remember in particular were Brody, Zooks, Nomes, Kimmah, Sock, and Russcat. I did not have a cool name though, so I had to come up with one. I wasn’t very original though and decided that, since the chat was specifically about Five Iron Frenzy, I would just borrow the name of their vocalist. I added a letter though, so instead of “Reese”, I became “Reeser”. I had just started Spanish classes at the time and I thought my new screen name looked like a verb… but I never could come up with what a Reeser would do, but that’s okay because I really didn’t know what I was doing anyway.

(And the rest is history.)

I woke up a few other times last night because I was having some really strange dreams… like that my sister was breaking exhibits at a science museum… or that there were a bunch of safety pins stuck through my lower lip… ugh… *shudder*

Then, I dreamed that there was this flying, black giant squid that had a huge glowing blue eye… maybe it was part spaceship? And it was going to attack earth along with this army of evil… things… that were all riding skeleton-looking camels. It was pretty messed up.

(Sometimes I wish I were a real artist, so I could show people these things I dream. Maybe not the lip full of pins, but the squidship? Yes.)

You know, I’m not even really allowed to kill my character in my creative writing class. I guess it doesn’t make for a good plot device in a short story unless you’re “really good” at short stories already.
So… since I can’t kill him, I guess I can just make him sulk. Not sure what the action of the story will be yet, but I assure you—there will be sulking.

Chris read my story yesterday before the concert and he said that the girl in the story was a tramp. I laughed quite a bit at that. I hope none of my classmates says that in class because I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep from laughing and giving myself away as the author.

(Yeah. Still an idiot.)

Last night I had this really strange dream that my dad took me to a circus to meet one of my old friends for lunch. Apparently the huge tent was really a restaurant… but there were still a lot of animals. I couldn’t find my friend, so instead I was wandering around through the huge zebras—they were about the size of Clydesdales—and little animals in cages…

I don’t know what prompted me to do it, but I decided in my dream that I was going to spit… and somehow, I ended up sitting up in my bed and spitting. I kind of woke up and tried to stop myself, but I didn’t and I spit out this big gob of drool on my quilt… what an idiot.

I usually don’t actually act out anything in my dreams or talk in my sleep or anything crazy like that so it really surprised me. I just sat there for a bit and thought “wow, I really just did that”.

Idiocy and weird dreams and how I made my internet name.
I really don’t change much.