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For several hours now, K and I have been watching youtube videos of cute little animals.

I stumbled on this video, which made me chuckle. I am not certain that I haven’t had very similar things said to me by my bffs…not recently, of course, but you know how it is…

I felt foolish about what she’d been wanting to talk to me about…my excessively passive personality. I mean, I already knew about it and that it negatively affected our last visit. I planned to do better next time even without her mentioning it, so at least we’re good on that…

I don’t know what ever possessed me to take so seriously the idea that one should let other people decide what they want to do, or where to go, or what to eat or watch or listen to because it’s polite. I mean, I guess it is. I believe it is, anyway. But I do it to the point of being ridiculous. I shall make it a point now to stop. Or…cut back.

In mostly unrelated news: had a chat with our GM today, and feel much better about some things. Much, much better.

I also went seeking a song that I can find on youtube, but nowhere that looks like a legit place to get downloads from…and of course it isn’t on iTunes. Idk, I’m just wary of downloading things from sketchy sites since I almost crashed my computer not long ago.

On the bright side…I did discover that singer had a folksy song about a girl who is probably a vampire. Apparently everyone has a song about vampires.