Been an interesting last few days for me. Friday was all-day paperwork, then chatting with K, which I haven’t done in a while. Saturday was moviepocalypse…we crashed and burned just a little. Today was a nice day…slept in…went out with Jester…watched some television…laundry…used Audacity to pirate that Hobbit song since it’s not really possible to get a copy any other way…thought about a conversation from yesterday and started laughing about how ridiculous it was, even now…

Luke: Think we can kill ourselves with one bullet?
Me: I…well…yes. Probably. Wait–why are we killing ourselves?
Luke: Oh. You know… *vague gesture*
Me: Wait. Are we making a suicide pact?
Luke: *laughs*
Me: Because I don’t typically join things like that. You probably knew though, since I’m still standing here.
Luke: Well, yeah. I just didn’t wanna be by myself, you know?
Me: I understand. I mean, I wouldn’t join something like that for just anyone.
Luke: Oh? That’s nice.
Me: Usually I save it for people I really hate, and then I trick them into going first.
Luke: You were gonna trick me into going first?!
Me: I might’ve. Except that you’re being cheap and only wanted to buy one bullet.
Luke: Well…I just like to save, you know?

That made me laugh.

But…to be truthful, I’m getting a little concerned about how often we have conversations about suicide.