Haven’t done this in a while.

Put your iPod/mp3 player/iTunes/playlist/what have you on shuffle and list the first ten songs and artists that come up!
i. Coffin Builder :: Demon Hunter
ii. Take The Hill :: Project 86
iii. Distance :: Ashton Nyte
iv. Animal I Have Become :: Three Days Grace
v. Day of Pigs :: Roper
vi. Farmhouse Fables :: Joy Electric
vii. Decomposed :: Lost-in-Place
viii. Lift Me Up :: The Benjamin Gate
ix. Pillow Fighting :: Terminal
x. An Aria :: Plushgun

About The Songs
When was the first time you heard song 1?
Sometime in summer 2004 when the Summer of Darkness album came out.

What instrument is dominant in song 2?
Guitars, of course.

Does song 3 have a music video? If so, post it.
Nope. I kind of prefer it that way though.

How many times have you listened to song 4?
iTunes says 4 times. I have listened to it many, many more times than that.

Have you ever heard song 5 on the radio? If so, on what station?
Nope. This was not one that got sent to the only local radio station that would’ve played this band.

Do you like the lyrics or music of song 6 better?
This song is hard…the lyrics are so sparse that they’re really part of the music…I don’t feel like you can have one without the other here.

What genre is song 7?
Darkwave…industrial…somewhere in there.

How does song 8 make you feel?
Kind of nostalgic. I remember hearing it a lot on the radio when I was around 12-14. Somewhere in there.

Do any of your friends like song 9? Do your parents?
Nobody I know even knows this song. (I am pretty sure.)

On a scale of 1 to 10, how much do you like song 10?
Meh. Maybe a four. They have better songs.

About the Artists
Who is your favourite member of band 1? If it is a solo artist, what do you like best about them?
Oh, I don’t know…I think I like Demon Hunter as a collective entity…but it definitely wouldn’t be the same if Ryan Clark left.

Are you a fan of artist 2, or is this one of the only songs you like by them?
Yes, I like them a lot…I feel like I’ve liked their sound better and better as they’ve progressed…hard to believe they started out sounding so rap-core.

Have you ever seen artist 3 live? If so, talk about it.
Yes. Twice…but only at shows with his other band. The first time I saw him, I almost didn’t go…but then I changed my mind and sort of set in stone that he is one of my favourite musicians. He has a beautiful voice.

How long has artist 4 been around? How long have you listened to them?
I actually don’t know…I am not much if a fan of this band…just of certain songs.

How were you introduced to artist 5?
I won a “various artists” CD from the aforementioned radio station. It was the first thing I remember ever winning in my life.

What is your favourite song by artist 6?
Mmm…not sure. I like a lot of JE songs…maybe Misfortune’s Apprentice and Red Will Dye These Snows of Silver. I liked them as soon as I heard them.

Given the opportunity would you hang out with artist 7 for a day?
Nah. I’m good.

If artist 8 is a band, how did they get their name? If it is a solo artist, would you name a child their first name?
I am pretty sure it is a reference to a gate in the Bible-era city of Jerusalem.

Where is artist 9 from?
I have no idea.

How popular is artist 10?
I only know one other person who knows about this band.

About the Lyrics
Post a favourite lyric from each song.
i. My life fell out of my hands and into this hole where everything’s cold
ii. They said, “Shut your imagination. There is nothing beyond the visible.”
iii. More than just some light motif, she had the evidence that she was sometimes right
iv. Somebody help me through this nightmare. I can’t control myself
v. Some pep rally where we scream His name, like God was losing in a football game
vi. Books are sent in times unspoken, words relent, deeds unwoven
vii. Slipping, dripping, breathless gripping, cataleptic poses slowly nowhere creeping
viii. And every day away hurts a little more. But every day away is easy to ignore
ix. You faded, you faded to lonelier places
x. Fight the anger, fight the leaves. It was autumn of my love

How would you feel if artist 1 and artist 8 toured together?
I am pretty sure that The Benjamin Gate broke up.

Would artist 4 (or the lead singer of band 4) make a good couple with artist 10 (or the lead singer of band 10)?
Erm…let’s assume you mean musically. I really can’t see those two voices blending well.

Do you like song 3 or song 5 better?
Three. I was never that big on five, but three is one of my favourite songs.

Which song describes your life better, song 7 or song 9?
Ooh…neither. Funny. The two have some thematic similarities and could be about people I’ve known…but not me.

Would it work out if artist 2 covered song 6 and artist 6 covered song 2?
You know…it would be bizarre, but I could kind of see it. I really could.