The Barghest O’ Whitby

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I’m not very smart about days I have to work in the morning. Have to get up in about 5 hours…

But I couldn’t not call her. Not after I told her I would for sure call her on Friday. I never do new year’s resolutions, but I want to have one this year…I told K I would make it my goal to email her at least once a month, and I feel resolved to also make sure I call Melody at least that often. No more of this nonsense of feeling friendless. I have friends…I mean, she still likes me enough that when she decided she wants to really really knock out one of her life goals and go to New Zealand, I am the first person she asked to go with her. I feel good about that.

And I will go. I mean…I’d wanted to a lot when I was in high school, but it was kind of an idle idea of “maybe someday I will…”. But, you know…I could actually do it.

And there’s a pretty lengthy timeframe she set for us to save for it, so who knows…any number of things could happen to prevent it, but on this day, I believe it is possible. I will go if I can.

We talked about The Hobbit, too…someone asked her what character they reminded her of and she launched into this “character analysis” mode which I never realised she had. I told her to remind me never to ask about myself. (Which we know I will do anyway after a while, because I am usually bursting to ask people things like that as it is…)

Ugh. Must sleep.
If only I hadn’t piled half my clothes on my bed. That was poorly thought out.