Well, I have written about 325 words today. In edit/add detail mode.
I’m frustrated though. Wulfhere is turning out to be much more reluctant than I was expecting. I really don’t want to break out the unicorn magic, but…I put the torch in his hand and he won’t light it. And I sent him into the town and what does he do? Fret about doing the wrong thing. It’s really not what I expected…

1–Are you moody in the morning?
I try and avoid them whenever possible. I used to just feel tired in the mornings because I wouldn’t go to bed until late…but anymore, my two problems with the morning are that breakfast things seem to make me feel ill, and that I am now so unused to the way light looks in the morning that it seems wrong. Fake, somehow. It’s kind of creepy.

2–Have you ever behaved like a stalker?

3–Do you appreciate other people’s opinions?
Oh yes, they are very valuable. Once I know your opinion, I know better how to behave towards you.

4–Does baby corn freak you out?
It freaks me out when people say they don’t like it. And then I realise…hey, more for me!

5–Can you lie and keep a straight face?
I can only assume so, as nobody has ever said to my face that they know I lied about anything.

6–Have you ever feared for somebody else’s life?

7–Do you prefer honesty, even when it hurts?
Does anyone actually prefer lies?

8–Have you ever consulted a psychic?
I ask myself lots of questions. For all the good that does.

9–If yes, do you consider yourself a moron?
No. I wouldn’t ask things of myself if I thought so.

10–Does the opposite sex’s BO turn you on?
No. No indeed.

11–Have you ever stayed in a relationship out of habit?
Didn’t I just say I didn’t consider myself a moron?

12–Have you ever deliberately not told someone that they had something in their teeth?
Nope. I’d have to say I usually don’t notice…in fact…I don’t think I can remember any times when I have noticed such a thing.

13–If you could pick your own pet name, what would it be?
Already done.

14–How do you feel when someone takes the last of something?
If I wanted it and they knew…pretty darn mad!

15–How do you feel when people tell you “Bless you” or “gesundheit” when you sneeze?
Noticed. I feel noticed.

16–What are you supposed to say when somebody coughs?
If it’s a bad cough…one could always resort to asking if they’re okay.

17–Do you care what’s going on in the world?
To be honest? I don’t have the capacity to care about most of it.

18–Do you pronounce a second “R” in “sherbet” or an “R” in wash?
I never say the first word, and wash does not have an r in it.

19–Do you throw temper tantrums?
I wouldn’t consider it that. But I’m sure it seems that way to some.

20–Have you ever committed a violent crime because of a video game or rap song?
Have I ever committed a violent crime?

21–Have you ever actually overheard one of your friends talking shit about you?
That would be difficult indeed.

22–Do you believe that wearing an aluminum foil hat will stop the government from reading your thoughts?
Of course not. That’s what occlumency is for.

23–Would you rather have a hook for a hand or a peg leg?
Peg leg. And now I am thinking about ticking crocodiles…

24–How close does someone have to be for you to feel obligated to wait and hold the door for them?
Quite close. But usually I open the door as wide as possible so that it shuts slowly and miht still be open when the next person reaches it.

25–Do you give “breaks” to people who don’t deserve them? (i.e. are you a sucker?)
I am not a sucker. I have limits…but I do like to try and be kind.

26–Honestly, do you think you’re better than everyone?
No. But I don’t think there are a lot of people who are genuinely better than me, either.

27–What do you take to a pot luck?
An appetite.

28–How do you know when you are an adult?
You start thinking about time differently.