More evidence:

You know when you are driving or riding in the car, and the sky is getting dim and you look out the front window and there are not trees or buildings to block the view and it goes on and on, and there are clouds that are low enough and dark enough that you are tricked for a minute into thinking that they are distant hills and you wonder when you will get there (by this time you are realising your mistake) and what it will be like on the other side?

I still think about that sometimes. It still fools me every now and then. And I think if only that really was a place you could go to. Except I feel an idiot thinking that. And I have never said a word about it to anyone because, pretty as the idea was in my mind, it always sounded dumb to me, even when I was a kid. And now, what? There isn’t anybody to say things like that to. Nobody I know would want to go someplace like that.

I regret already that I will post this, and all it will do is serve to make me feel sad.