Part One of Ye Olde February Postes, wherein I painted people’s faces, considered becoming a pirate, and dropped a guitar on my face.


We got into some trouble with paining each other last week… I was helping Alicia paint a fancy window on one of the backdrop sheets and she was talking about how she liked the grey colour, so I had this sudden idea to put a dab of it on her face. Then she decided she had to make me match and put some on me, and later we traded spots and got spots put on the other sides of our faces too… then Chris came over to see what we were laughing about and Alicia put a stripe of paint in his hair and then painted the top of her own head and one of my curls… and then Mrs Hughes came over to see what was going on and was really upset about it. We all had to go wash it out of our hair because it was house paint and doesn’t come off after it dries. The next day Mrs Rankin told us we’d all get detention if we painted each other again, so I guess that’s out for now.


I know that Project 86 is a cool band and I really like their music… but sometimes bands like them disappoint me because they try to be like “music is the most important thing to us besides our personal beliefs, but we aren’t here to tell you about our beliefs… we’re not all ‘moshing for Jesus’ or something like that, we’re just here to play some good music”. That’s basically what their singer told us at that concert… and I know it gets a little bit cheesy to say things like “oh, I’m moshing for Jesus!”, but to try and make it sound like your beliefs aren’t really a priority and that maybe you are a Christian but don’t want to come out and say so… it’s just disappointing. I mean, I understand a little bit of why they do it like that (the same with Too Bad Eugene, which is another “we’re-Christians-but-we-won’t-tell-you-to-your-face” band that I love), but I think that if you don’t want to talk about it, then you should just keep your mouth shut instead of opening your mouth about it and trying to tone down the fact that you’re Christian.


I also have decided that I need to figure out the differences between types of metal… speed metal, black metal, death metal, thrash metal… I’m kind of in the dark about how to tell them apart. Slechtvalk is the only one I could definitely tell was Viking metal because… well… it’s just obvious.


My other fortune was rather more amusing. It said, “the rainbow’s treasures will soon belong to you.” I was able to make a few different interpretations of this fortune.

Perhaps we will get some Lucky Charms and I will uncharacteristically pick out all of the marshmallows and eat them. I say “uncharacteristically” because I don’t eat Lucky Charms at all. Perhaps I will win a Skittles contest? I’m not aware of any Skittles contests, but I’m always open to the prospect of winning something. Plus, I like Skittles. Perhaps… I’m going to go looting. In San Francisco. Colin and Melody will recall that it was plastered with rainbow… plus, there was a lot of cool stuff that one could loot there. Maybe I’ll become a pirate… arr.


Well, I had a test Friday that I almost didn’t prepare for at all due to… bad circumstances from Thursday. I ended up reviewing during the half hour drive to class though, and I think I did okay on the test. There were some funky questions on it though… like using two of the 10 basic sentence patterns, show the two possible meanings of this sentence: “Jessica’s mother found her a man.”

Yeah. There were two versions of the test, I think… and I happened to get that one. I laughed.


the home inspector listed my room as “lower-level boy’s room” on his inspection report, and I really question why. Just because my room is black and red means it must be a boy’s room, huh? I mean…seriously? Even with women’s dress shoes in the corner, and glasses full of dried flowers, my horse calendar, and that poofy stuffed tiger from my sister? Yikes.


I was brainstorming for a class I took on magazine article writing (I was awful writing articles, btw), and thought of them, and thought of vampires…so I wanted to write an article about vampires. My prof. actually told me I couldn’t because she didn’t want me to get in touch with anyone who considered him or herself a vampire, and to subsequently be abducted and/or murdered.


Things I should probably not do again:
1. Drop my guitar on my face. I didn’t, but it was a close thing. I was using it as a weight. …yeah. I did that. Just don’t tell anyone, kay?