Today I did some things. I woke up and ate something, then I took Domino to the park and we walked for about 45 minutes…she cried and was nervous at every single bird and jogger and bicycle for half the way. I told her any other doggie would be jealous to go walking in a nice park, but she wasn’t having any of it. She did better when we turned around and she knew we were going home…

*shakes head*

What do you do with a dog like that?

I went to sell some books and got a very small amount of money for them…but at least they’re out of my way, since I know I will not be reading them again…stopped in the hardware store and picked through paint chips for colours so I’d have something to show people when they ask me what I mean to choose as wedding colours. Chatted a bit with mum about all of that and watched some television with her. Glad she is being pleasant…I feel much better about things with her that way.

I went out and picked up my ring, too. Now I just have to determine whether or not it’s safe to wear it to work.