One: I am still here. Just haven’t been inclined to write anything lately.

Two: She apologised to me, which NEVER happens. I almost died.

Three: A server and I determined earlier that 80’s children should be afraid of teddy bears, due to the Care Bear cartoon being about fluffy, colourful bears who drive down from the clouds to shoot you with rainbow laser beams for being too unhappy.

Four: At the top of my personal list of Things That Are Not Good to Throw Up, I have added “anything with hot peppers in it”. Because, like all people, I occasionally burp or hiccup or cough and then taste a tiny bit of vomit…and that happened just a bit ago. Unfortunately, I ate a burger for dinner that was topped with raw jalapenos, crispy jalapeno flakes, and a very spicy chipotle sauce to boot. I now know what it is to breathe fire. Fortunately I’ve watched MythBusters, and learned that gargling with a small swallow of milk is the best idea EVER if I find myself in that situation again.

Five: There’s some very hush-hush drama going on…but nobody on our leadership team can keep anything to themselves, and since my job means everyone tells me every possible thing whether I want to know or not, of course I know about it. And someone I’ve worked very hard to keep out of trouble is probably going to get the boot. I’m sad about that, but…I cannot save everyone from their stupidity.

Six: I am going to buy my wedding dress later this week. *gulp*