Have you ever been lying down, closed your eyes, and suddenly found that the room was spinning and you are completely disoriented and know that, A) if you felt that way when standing, you would have surely fallen, and B) if you were standing, you would definitely not be feeling that way?

I keep getting this feeling when I lie down to sleep. No idea what it could possibly mean. And it never happens when my eyes are open. Just when they’re closed. And not when I am sitting or standing…just when I am lying down, which seems like the least logical position to be in and having feelings of dizzyness.

But I feel fine if I sit up. I feel perfectly normal. Except for, you know, the residual terror of spinning or flying and not knowing what direction anything was when I’d had my eyes shut.

In my own feeble attempt to work things out on my own, I know this is not a normal feeling–obviously I am not moving at all, and feeling that way maybe means something is wrong with me. But I feel 100% normal otherwise. And that just makes me worry more…that either I am definitely having dizzy feelings for no reason, or that there is a reason and ignoring it could be bad…

I’m becoming quite the hypochondriac, am I not?