Good day. I’ll take it.

Slept badly….dreamt about being in a field at night with some people from work…apparently we or maybe just one person was practising falconry and was not very good at it because I was being attacked by a hawk. No bueno.

And I dreamed another sequence where I got stabbed by a fragment of narwhal tusk.

Yeah. Those are real. Whales with unicorn horns.
But don’t worry. I wasn’t stabbed by a narwhal. Just a broken piece of tusk that happened to be around…it was a very unpleasant dream because I could feel the tusk piece jabbed into my hand. *shudder*

But yeah. Eventually I gave up on sleeping and instead got up to get my hair cut. And the girl who cut my hair did something with the trimmer when she was working on my neck…it HURT. I feel like I have a billion tiny cuts there, but one of the other supervisors checked and there’s nothing weird, so idk…still hurts. :/

Went and looked at a car. Liked it…still gotta wait for some things to be fixed up, but I’ll likely have a new car within a fortnight. Yay.

And I got to go to our second staff party and see Iron Man 3. I wasn’t going to get to…but our sr. mgr relented and said I could go and clock in late. And yes, that’s pay I could’ve had…but I feel really excluded sometimes. It’s nice to feel like I’m part of a team or a group of people who is there because, ultimately, we like movies, and not just there because it’s a job. Maybe I’m stupid for thinking that way…but I feel a lot better. (And, you know…the film in question underlines my statement that people like me become villains from being excluded one too many times. Not that I’m on a fast track to villainy or anything :P)

And then I worked and left so I could go home and sleep before I have to open…but then I went to see Jester and talk to him for a little bit…and then I came home and I am wide awake. 😦

Tomorrow is going to be a very, very long day.