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There’s a lot I have that I could tell you about…like being visited not once, but TWICE this month by my best friend who has not visited me in my home state since I was 17. (She lives in Memphis, I live in Ohio.) I could also tell you about a band I went to see last night that was my favourite band ever during my formative teenage years, and that broke up when I was…16? And whose lead singer I have called myself after for the past 11 years…oh, the nostalgia!

But I have something else.


Dreams that I am kind of curious about, since I had two with the same theme, two nights in a row.

Two nights ago, I dreamt I was at work…a lot of our employees I knew were there, but we weren’t open and there were a lot of other people there, too. It was very late at night, and the only way I knew was because, in my dream, I had that too-tired feeling I get between 3 and 6 am (you know…if you’re like me and view that time frame as when you know you stayed up too long, then you know what I mean and can also sense that time when it rolls around, regardless of whether you can see a clock or out a window to know if it is still dark out).
We seemed to all be waiting for something, but I don’t know what…there was kind of a fun atmosphere…like the kind you might remember if you ever went to a camp or something where you all stayed up late one night for something special. I remember eating these funky little Japanese candies…they were round and kind of crunchy like milk duds, but they had a bumpy outer shell. No idea if I’ve ever seen such a thing in my life…

But, not long after eating the candy, something happened to me in my dream, and I started changing.
I started out as the me you would know in real life, but I started turning into my Wolf…not the one with the tail and yellow eyes, but the one who looks like me. Me, if I had a twin brother.

He’s taller, and I guess that must be what tipped people off that something was not right with me…so people started crowding around and talking in those quiet, concerned voices I hate so much…and I growled at them. And that was when I started changing again into the wolf-creature that I talk so much about.

I don’t know why it happened. Just that it did, and the end of my dream was me, half wolf and half human, looking like some silly horror movie monster, trotting down a hallway that dead ended, and then turning around to face the people who were coming after me, still pretending to be concerned, but moving cautiously, like they were planning to catch me or do me harm.

I have never dreamed before about actually turning into a wolf.

But then I did again last night.

My dreams have interesting visuals sometimes, and the one last night kept flickering between cartoon animation and live-action.

I can’t really remember how it got started, but I think originally that I was just watching the dream happen. I had a sense I was at someone’s shoulder, but I couldn’t actually see this person.
There was a lot of snow, and some little hills that were burial mounds. Then, as we/I watched, one of the mounds crumbled inward a little, like it had just been a hollow crust of snow. Out of it ran this creepy, white thing that was a sort of scorpion, but with a more pronounced, alien-like head. It shook itself and then ran, legs making a spine-tingling noise on the ice. It didn’t seem to see anyone, but as it ran past, I followed it and saw a character who resembled Loki from the Avenger movies. He ran after it and my dream changed its point of view to his, so I was running after it.

The scorpion thing started running up a wall, and at that point I realised I had something heavy in my hand, so I threw it hard at the scorpion and hit it. It screeched and hit the ground, and when I got to it, I kept hitting it until it curled up the way dead spiders do. It was weird though, because the exoskeleton looked completely undamaged…nothing oozed out.

Then I went back to just observing the dream, and other characters started to show up. They looked vaguely Viking-like, and wanted to know where the monster had come from, and why the Loki character hadn’t stopped it before it started climbing the walls. He told them something about it just popping out of Odin’s tomb (to which my dream consciousness was like, um…Odin’s dead? how does that work out?) and that he could show them.
It seemed like a long walk back across the snow, but finally we all made it to where the little hills were, but there was a pack of wolves surrounding the broken hill.

None of the other Vikings wanted to go closer, but it occurred to me that the Loki character could shape-change, and so something weird happened…usually my dreams just shift POV naturally, but this time it was like I took possession of the Loki character. He seemed to know I was there, and be dismayed by it.

But he understood we could shape-change, and why I wanted him to do it, so we did…and we became a wolf. Not my Wolf, but a wolf nevertheless. And we went over to the other wolves, who seemed to have anthropomorphic intelligence instead of just wolf intelligence…and they were laughing a kind of psychic laugh that we could sense but not hear. They smelled him/me all over, and said (telepathically) that they could smell me. Not him, although they knew the Loki character was not a wolf. They could smell me. And that amused them. But they also said they would talk with me, because they could see I believed myself a wolf-creature and that was second-best to actually being one….

And my dream ended.

It was weird in a new way because, although I was an invisible entity, there were other characters in the dream who were aware of me…Loki knew I was “possessing” him, and was afraid of me…and the wolves knew I was there and knew things about me that had nothing to do with the action of the dream…

It was kind of creepy, really.

And now…it’s almost time to go to work and hope I don’t actually turn into anything monsterlike.