Saw the Star Trek movie. Liked the first one better.
Although I was reminded of when I saw the last one. I’d forgotten all about it, but it was one of those peculiar moments in my life that I look back upon and want to punch my own face. Except I’m conflicted about that, too. Technically it wasn’t my fault…that one…it was just one of those times where I open my mouth to speak, and something awkward comes out. *shrug*

Anyway. Today I could not talk again, but it was more literal…I had in mind what I wanted to say, but my body was rebelling and making sounds that were definitely not English words…and then my fiance declared me a Creagle.
I told him something about work yesterday, and it being determined that I had the eyes of an eagle, and the voice of a crow (I don’t really have either…). I guess a mishmash of these birds are would be a Creagle.

I forget if I had anything else.

K, maybe. I still have not written to her. But I thought about things she’d say to me, and how annoyed I would get. I wanted to punch her face in sometimes, too. But she is one of the best people I know. I feel bad that I think of her in relation to Star Trek and then want to punch her face…but for me, the very word logic has strong (and not altogether positive) associations with her.

It’s frustrating that my fiance and one of my best friends both have this habit of telling me I’m being irrational (that seems to be his word…she always favors logical) when I’m already pissed off. It’s one of those things that pushes Wolf closer to the surface…not that they’re wrong about me. Now and then, I’m prone to fits of seriously flawed thinking…but I’ve never found it helpful to have this pointed out to me like that.

I feel better, but the last time I had yesterday’s thought lodged in my head, she kept using that argument on me. It was painful. Possibly the coldest pep talk I’ve ever been given in my life. I was so mad at being spoken to like that…I told her later, of course, and she cried and I felt like a monster. But really…

I think I did what she told me to out of sheer spite.

And here I am.