Dear diary,

Today I was walking down the hall at work. Not usually a noteworthy experience, but there was a slow-moving knot of employees that was in my way. I swept briskly around them, and for some reason this freaked out one of the other supervisors. He said I was like a shark, zooming past a school of slow-moving fish.

Later, we were in our little 6’x6′ office. He was eating iced cream and I was working on payroll when he told me he could not remember if he clocked in. I put on my serious face and said in my most deadly patient voice that I was getting tired of spending half my life chasing down his in/out times, and that if he knew what was good for him, he would please eat his iced cream in silence and try hard to avoid attracting my attention. He wound up snorting iced cream, but my serious face didn’t flicker. I think I used up a week’s worth of willpower on it.

Still later, I was doing a server’s check-out. He seemed to think I was sad, and asked if the reason was because I had not received enough child sacrifices for the day. I was unsure how to respond and cannot recall how I got out of that conversation.

Then, I came home and saw on facebook that one of my professors wrote about missing me, and said he would be a much better teacher if he could teach one of me every semester.

Unsure what conclusions I should draw from all of this…
But I think I can say that I’ve succeeded in making other people be weird in regard to me.

I don’t know how I feel about that.