I am almost accustomed to being told I am Death. Not so used to feeling like it though.

I left early again yesterday, after running through all the nightly reporting stuff again with Erin so he’d remember where to get all the numbers from and what reports to pull, etc. I tried to get through the whole evening. I really did. But when I’d completed everything I could think of to do without having to leave the office, all I really wanted was to lay down. Not sleep. Just lay down and not have to think about anything anymore. Especially lots of tiny little numbers…pocket change and fractions of hours. Bah.

At least my last two days add up to about 10 hours, so that makes it not so bad that I didn’t go in at all today. With going on vacation, I’m really only missing 5 days total, and that is fine. I just need to get well enough by tomorrow that I can stay the whole shift. I would love to have my voice back, since I still sound like a ghoul and had to resort to miming things several times yesterday…

Kat advised me to stop angering the gods, and when I left she was calling after me that she hoped the force would be with me and grant me a speedy recovery. Lacking a voice, what else could I do but indicate that this was kind of her and I hoped she would live long and prosper? Even if she is prone to meowing after the entire management team when she can’t find us… šŸ˜›

And Toni made me a cartoon.

I said I felt like a video game character whose health bar was short and red and making alarming noises and that I needed some healthberries to get well again…I think this is her illustration of offering me healthberries. And I would totally take them. All I have to do is press A and give her $10. Except…she has six arms and looks like a devil. And for some reason, I have a knife and a flashlight and…some sort of sidearm.

I am a dubious video game character.
But I’d still like the healthberries.

*spends 40 minutes wandering around the internet before remembering there is a blog post open*

Ugh. There is so much pressure in my ears and on my throat that I feel like either I will strangle, or my ears will explode. Can’t wait to see which one happens first.

On that note, I am going to go eat dinner and make myself a cup of tea. Maybe not even in that order.