Currently waiting for Jester to let me know he is off work and on his way home so I can go see him…

In other news, my new car has tattoos now. I have been getting annoyed because everywhere I go (work, mostly), gold Buick Centuries keep parking next to or very close to me. But now I have an eight-legged carousel horse to remind me which one of the cars is actually mine.

If Jester keeps insisting I name my car, I may just have to call it Sleipnir.

I feel like I have less and less to say here because everyone seems to be jumping ship. I may explore WordPress later just to see what’s up with it. *makes a face*

And now that I’ve run out of steam: a conversation.

Me: What’s that smell?
Mum: Katelyn’s perfume. I think it’s cotton candy.
Me: Oh. Mine claimed to be vanilla-lemon. I think I smell like lemon PEZ.
Mum: *smells me* You do. *sigh* My sophistocated adult children…