So. Quick update.

Today was very productive. I kidnapped a girl whose ride never showed up to get her from work, and then we spent the next four hours in a graveyard where we were joined by her friend and discovered that we are actually one person occupying three bodies, and if we are together (and not at work), this is all kinds of entertaining and culminated in leaving a note for some Dairy Queen employees regarding things we picked up while eavesdropping on them, and some graffiti about a portal in the women’s restroom.

The whole experience was a little less good after I got violently sick and annoyed Jester (separate items, though semi-related), since those are two of my least favourite things to do…but I’ll try and look on the bright side.

I think I have people I could be friends with. For reals.
I haven’t had that easy of a time hanging out with anyone in years.

Also, I know I let anyone who responded to my message know about my separate WordPress blog, but since Xanga extended the donation timeframe, I am still up in the air as to whether or not I’ll be using it. I don’t want to start on it if Xanga lives, but I also didn’t want to leave everyone hanging if Xanga died…so…we’ll see what happens.