This limbo state of my xanga needs to end soon. I feel zero desire to commit to this WordPress until I know for sure…which means I have watched three seasons of a show about teenaged girls stalking each other, read a book about demons giving each other advice, and another book about essays regarding Christianity. And I have written absolutely nothing. Not even an email. Although I think I will do that soon. Because I suspect I may be at risk of becoming obsessed not with something I saw or heard or read, but with an actual living breathing creature. This hasn’t actually happened, but I sense the possibility in this tendency we have to draw together, and then push away from each other like magnets that have suddenly flipped over. It’s curious, just like all things are when I am hyper-aware of them.

Yes. I think I will email K soon.
In the mean time, I will read a book of stories with plots that are also curious to me, since their plots resemble things I have unearthed in my own mental landscape well before I knew this person was out there, writing stories about them…

And I still cannot figure out how to change the size or style of my font without changing the whole bloody layout. Perhaps it is not possible?