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Some things:

1. My link to my other blog didn’t work before, but it should now. I enabled the setting for non-Xanga users to be able to view it. 🙂

2. Erm. I have all these new “followers” who I am not sure are real people. And if they are, after looking at their motivation/inspiration centered blogs, I cannot think of any logical reason for them to be following my posts. I mean, my recent posts include such motivational topics as meditating on the image of toilets when one is driving and not near a rest stop at which to relieve one’s self, and sentiments regarding carnivalesque songs that turn out to be about the inspirational topic of…you know…incest. (DISCLAIMER: I often write in a sarcastic tone that only I can hear.)

3. Speaking of that song…I love it. It’s ruining my ability to concentrate.

4. We had fun at work today. Rubber band wars and lots of snarky chatter on the walkies. Yay.

5. …goodnight.