Ever want to just pop someone in the head? Not really harm them. Just, you know. Pop. You silly, strange creature.

I am kind of excited, because she has a legit change now to be promoted. We texted a little about it toward the beginning of my shift, and I can’t imagine she didn’t know I was at work…but…toward the end of the night, there was a knock on the office door, and there she was. And she asked me what I was doing there. Like anyone else is going to be in that office.

I asked her the same thing and she said she was waiting for her friend to be done pooping so they could leave. Ah. o.O

So we had a conversation and she let on that I am not the only one secretly being her friend. I already guessed it, but I think he and I both know about each other and have an understanding to know about each other and to talk about things we mutually know as a result, but to not say anything directly about how we know any of these things. And even a third one of us has been involved to some extant… (I should point out to her that this must mean we like her, collectively. I feel like she knows this, but would still be pleased to have it said. Maybe I am mistaken, but I have a feeling…)

I find that this is the only somewhat complicated interpersonal plot that I have been a part of wherein it has been so lacking in stress that I could take a somewhat objective view. Not saying I could look at it and pass judgment on anyone involved, but that I could view it as a narrative instead of a source either of killing sadness or of blinding rage.

(on a different topic: anyone else have one of those “high efficiency” washing machines? ours takes an hour at minimum to cycle through…makes for a crappy night when I have to wash things after I get home at 3am…

goodnight, all.)