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I feel like Darth Vadar at the end of…you know…the third movie. (The title eludes me–nevermind that I could ask the internet and know in 5 seconds…)

See, there’s this radio show I like to listen to sometimes, except I HATE the site that the guy started posting the podcasts to, because if you forget to uncheck this little box to download a thing along with your podcast audio file, it, um…downloads a virus to your computer.

So right now I have my virus software running in the background, and am sincerely hoping I killed it. Last time, the stupid thing hid itself in another file and I didn’t get it…but…I think I will have done this time. If not, I’ll have to get in touch with my brother-in-law and hopefully he can remote-access my computer and fix it…

All I wanted was to listen to some musics. That’s all. *sigh* -_-