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Yeah. Mine do not want to bend today.

I thought it was maybe from bussing and running up and down and down and up so many staircases and hallways and all that nonsense from yesterday, but I have doubts now.

I forgot, but on Saturday, towards the end of my shift, I started getting these sensations of being overwarm and sweaty, alternating with sensations of feeling weak and shivery…they weren’t too bad though, nor were they yesterday, but today the swings between the two sensations were more pronounced, and with my limbs and joints all achey, I suspect I might actually be getting sick.

Hopefully it’s nothing serious, but if so…I mean, I’ve never had the flu. Ever. (Come on–as a superior being, I should not be concerned with stuff like that, right?)

But yeah. I left work early, and I’m irritated by that, but I worked a lot more hours last week than I usually do, so it should balance out. :/
And then I don’t work again until Thursday, so I should be better by then. I hope.

And in the mean time…been reading up on mythological horses…and getting distracted by pictures of miniature baby horses.

baby falabellas

(If you did not find that adorable, you are more soulless than I. Congratulations.)

Kind of interested in the Kelpies…but unlike unicorns, they are terrifying. And not always just sea creatures, since some stories have them as fairies or magical characters in disguise. Kind of feel like that disqualifies them as mythological horses, but what do I know?



I have no desire to disagree with a face like that.
Not that there aren’t scary depictions of unicorns…


…but at least I have never heard any stories about them trying to kill anyone and succeeding. Hence, my still-unwritten story about Æthelred the Black.

So yeah. Sickness. And unicorns. And kelpies.

Oh. And Sleipnir. After unicorns, he is my favourite. I almost like him better because there is only one of him (plus, think of how much faster 8 legs must make you…j/k), but he doesn’t have any particularly interesting stories.
Can’t have everything, I guess.