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Had some more notable dreams.

First, I was at the theatre again. Except that there was a great chasm that separated nearly an entire wing from the rest of the building. The chasm was just wide enough to make one feel uneasy about jumping across…and although it seemed that one could see people shopping in the mall on the lower level (my place of employ is in the upper level of a mall), I had a sickening feeling that it was an illusion. One seemed to be viewing the image of happy winter shoppers through a haze of intense heat, such as one sees when looking through a fire or into a furnace.
The best bit was that, unless one really fancied trying the jump, this chasm could only be crossed if one allowed oneself to be ferried across by an employee whom I am none too fond of, even if he does do 95% of what I ask of him.

Naturally, my dream involved seeing several lights that indicated call buttons were being pressed in a theatre down that hallway, so I had to be ferried over and was deadly afraid I’d fall in, since the method of ferry was a crude perch with a metal bar on one side, which one must hold onto for dear life, since no restraining straps were available…and, as this perch was attached to a pole that allowed it to swing from side to side, the process was basically pushing off one side and swinging wildly to the other side, where the perch would hit with a CLUNK.

It was terrible.

And, naturally, the guests I tried to help in the theatre sent me on all these wild missions to seek items for them, and that required me to go back and forth across the chasm until I could not stand it anymore…


And then there was the dream I had last night, wherein my place of employ is not restricted to any physical location, but becomes the whole known and unknown universe.

I was on a train.

I could not see the train, but I knew I was aboard one because of the sound of the grinding metal wheels on the rail, and the rocking of the car.
The train was in a tunnel, and it was so dark I could not see the inside of this tunnel, although it was lit by flaming torches set in its walls. We were going by too quickly to even make these torches out clearly–all that could be seen was the blossom of bright fire that whizzed by and left its trail on my retinas until it blurred into the next burst of flame.

Not unexpectedly, I was to jump off this train.

I did NOT wish to do so, but knew that I had to. No reason. Just the dream logic that makes you do this or that thing, and you cannot help but do it.

But, as I finally reached the point at which I was prepared to leap into the darkness and possibly crush myself between the train and the darkness of the wall, the tunnel ended and I found myself tumbling down a grassy slope.

There was a place where the slope became less steep and softened into some natural hills, with a tarn in a deep valley. The tarn was very still, and in it were mountains reflected.

One of these mountains was alive. Like…it is hard to explain. A giant. A giant of a giant. Like…he was a mountain. Streams ran down his shoulders and arms from the snowy cap on his head.

Aaand…he felt faint. So what does a fainting giant do but THUD THUD THUD! Stagger and begin to topple and almost CRUSH YOU TO DEATH.

And, as I’m running about and trying to get out of the way, a server comes up to me and asks how to ring in a burger for this giant fellow.


He didn’t seem to understand my outrage though, and after a moment’s thought, said to me, “maybe I’m not really cut out to serve him like this.” Wow. Really?

But, then our server did what I supposed seemed logical to him, and grew about 50 feet taller so he could be on the giant’s level. And then he told me I needed to get a manager because the giant wasn’t feeling well. So my brain popped in the manager I knew I’d be opening with today, and I explained the situation to her…

My dream ended with Brandi standing on the giant’s knee and trying to figure out of he needed any first aid, and the server trying to convince me that if I would let him go to the next valley over, he would bring back enough buffalo (they were bison) for the kitchen to prepare a giant-sized buffalo burger…

I just can’t get a break.