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She was much more cheerful today. Confirmed lack of babies to worry about. Good for her. Also confirmed? That it is a mercy I have not had time in months to write any poetry, because I guarantee I would be in danger of writing things about her and hoping that I would be hit by a bus or something before I could be tempted to inflict such nonsense on an unsuspecting friend or on my blogspace.

I’d like to imagine I learned my lesson about basing poems on my friends…but…come on. I know better. I know all about me and the ways in which my stupidly obsessive nature works.

I would definitely write about her.

In other news: we have a transgendered employee who wishes to be called Loki. I was not having any of that when I heard about it because…come on…I really should be called Reeser. My two best friends call me that. My fiancé calls me that. It feels more like my name than my given name ever has. But I don’t go by that at work. Because I didn’t think anyone would take that seriously.

I was all set to not take Loki seriously…but he (that is Loki’s preferred gender) is possibly one of the kindest new employees I’ve ever met. Naturally, conceding that we are both monsters, we’ve concluded we must fight each other. Because that’s how I roll when I meet kind new people when I find common ground with them. 😛

(…I promise I really do some actual work in between baby drama and making arrangements for the theatre’s fight club. Just tonight I helped with a movie rental and did payroll things and arranged paperwork and such.)

So that is all a bit of a relief. And now I have some songs to give you.

I meant to start this on the 1st, but I was not able to post because I was busy trying to live life and find time in between wherein I could sleep. That means I have to double up on songs for a few days until I catch up, but basically this is a sharing of the 31 songs I have listened to most in this past year. I hope that maybe you will enjoy them. Or not. Whichever.

#31: Amethyst by The Awakening

One of the first songs I ever heard by The Awakening. I found it when I was starting to poke around in the vastness that is “gothic rock”. Ashton has a beautiful voice, and that has been enough to keep this band near the top of my favourites list ever since I found them.

#30: The Colours of Grey by Diary of Dreams

More goth-type music…I discovered this band when I was fairly new at the theatre (three years ago tomorrow) and extremely anxious about a lot of things. Most of the songs I like from them are dark or aggressive or both, but this one is more relaxing. And twinkly.

Cheers for now.