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Don’t feel so great today. Really down about a lot of things…

Life feels pretty pointless sometimes.

I’ll get over it though. Maybe. And in the spirit of forgetting that I am upset, here are today’s songs.

#25: Pretentious, Moi?–Faith and Reason Part Company

Some less electronic sounding Goth rock.
I like this one a lot because of the way the tune rises and falls. It seems silly to say so, since it is a song, but the tune itself is exceptionally sing-songy. He has an interesting accent, too. The vocalist’s web bio says he’s originally from Sheffield, and you can definitely hear it in this song. Not so much in others I’ve heard by them.
I’ve given up trying to piece the lyrics into a coherent story, but that lack of coherence makes it even easier to identify with…it gets this accusatory tone at the end, but the words don’t really clarify if you’re supposed to be angry with someone else or with yourself.

I feel like that a lot.

#24: Assemblage 23–Spark

More twinkles. I guess I listened to this band a lot more this past year than I’d thought.
I have a hard time figuring out how I’m supposed to take this song…whether it’s supposed to be positive or negative or both (both, knowing this band). Still, it’s got simple lyrics, and I like to sing along with things. So there’s that, I suppose.

And now I will try and sleep. And maybe my heating pad will help my shoulder stop hurting so bad.