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I have them. Dunno why though. I’m not over-tired…not had too much caffeine…not too cold…

I should sleep soon though. Have to be back to work at noon, and since it’s snowed, I should probably leave a full hour ahead…ugh.

Was a few minutes late again today because I stopped and bought her a box of pepto-bismol tablets that she could have for her very own. Said it was an early Christmas gift…but mostly it’s just that I feel bad whenever her stomach problems are bad and we don’t have any stocked in the first aid kits. She found me last night and was just about collapsing in the hallway…said she’d be in a theatre to sit down for a minute…I went to check on her and she was sitting under a handicapped-accessible table, resting her cheek on the edge of a wastebasket. 😦

Went and asked if I could send her home and the manager said we couldn’t unless she specifically said she wanted to go. That sounds bogus to me. But…I can’t override the manager, so bah. And hence my ridiculous Christmas gifts.

Anyway. Tomorrow, work, then laundry at home, and posting songs here.

In the mean time, sleep.