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Gonna have to double up on songs for a few days again. Partly to suppress my desire to express nothing but sentimental (and ultimately, ineffectual) rage against life, and also because I didn’t post any for several days now.

#20: Blutengel–Soultaker

More Goth rock. No surprises there…
I have a hard time imagining why I started listening to this song, but it came to me sometime around when I started at the theatre. I was listening to a lot of songs with themes of demon worship at the time…not that this is a thing with me, you know. Demon worship. The songs from that timeframe gravitated toward me of their own accord.
But I like it. It’s…bouncy? For a song about devil worship, it definitely gets stuck in one’s head. Campy, almost. But maybe I only think that from listening to it too much? 😛

#19: Bella Morte–Many Miles

Same genre. And another song that I enjoy mainly because he has such a pretty voice. I think I have a thing for songs where notes are held long enough to be melodramatic. Possibly one of the reasons I like Goth music so much? Hmm.
Anyway, I found this song when I was still in college and was distraught about so much stupidness to do with one of my friends. I had playlists I made specifically because they made me feel calm-sad instead of piercingly so, and this was one that was on it. I played it a lot on my radio show, too.

Until next time.