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Can’t pretend this was a great holiday.
Crying guests. Crying servers. Texts about crying.

Can’t take any more. Thanks.
The trappings of the whole holiday are worthless and I wish I didn’t even take part in any of it because there was so much crying and unhappiness. Who wants to spread that around? Not this Vulcan! (Because, you know…if I have to spread around feelings, can’t they at least be good ones?)

Anyway. I am behind on music again, so now I must post 2 every day to ensure I have them all posted by year’s end.

#12: The Cure–Cold

Alternative/Goth…I heard some time ago that they no longer consider themselves Goth, but, come on. When this is still floating about it’s hard to argue:

goth juice

Man…I just like all of this song. The ominous organ notes at the beginning…the sinister synths…the tingly ice cube noises. They’re great. And Robert Smith is pretty great. So much angst.

#11: Colony 5–Like Leaves

Goth/industrial again. Twinklies.
I like the images in this song…wintery seas, hibernating creatures, autumn leaves…
The sentiment, too. I feel like this a lot. Like everything that made sense to me is suddenly gone, and what else is there to do but creep away and hide? Or die?

What indeed.

…merry Christmas.