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I’ll do that, eventually. Probably even write a post about it when I have had adequate time to do so.

Seems like there never is adequate time for anything at all.

But. Here are these for today.

#10: Suidakra–Mag Mell

Folk metal. Because sometimes that’s how I roll.
See, earlier this year, I read a book of Celtic myths…stories from Cornwall, Scotland, Ireland, The Isle of Man, Brittany…it was some good reading. I really like a lot of the myths and folk stories from these regions, and feel silly for not having thought to look into them sooner. But that’s a different story.
I found this song because I did what I often do, and went searching for songs that had some links to the stories I’d been reading (this is why I have a playlist devoted to vampires and werewolves…and also why I have so many power metal songs about horses and unicorns and stars and rainbows…). I had already known about Suidakra from back when I did college radio, and I liked the sound of their Celtic-themed folk metal.
This particular song is more of a ballad and doesn’t show the metal aspect of the band…but I really like it. All the strings at the opening are very soothing. The subject of the song is the Otherworld, where, in lots of Celtic myths, human spirits were thought to have gone to be reborn after death…I feel like this song stands in stark contrast to all the boisterous songs I have heard about the Norse Valhalla. Definitely worth a listen.

#9: VNV Nation–Homeward

More spacepop. Or whatever the kids are calling it these days.
My fiancé and I had a somewhat heated debate as to whether his Irish accent is noticeable…I went through a dozen youtube videos that Dubliners have uploaded with that “accent tag” that goes around the internet periodically, and even after listening to those and then listening to clips of interviews with Ronan Harris, wherein I can only faintly hear his accent, I still definitely don’t hear it clearly enough in the songs to say that I could tell what it is I’m hearing, but…I guess Jester’s ears are more attuned to these things. Or something like that. 😛
The song itself is true to the spacepop label. Twinkles and static chirrups, except that these sound more dreamy than is typical of songs I enjoy…lyrics about traveling far, far away, without even the company of stars. It’s a moving song, if you’re in the right mood. Hard to tell, sometimes, if it is positive or melancholy in its outlook…but I suppose that is the part of the song determined by the listener.

Now I must try and sleep. Hopefully the remaining time I must spend in this old year will be enough, and be kind to me.