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So, somehow I never managed to actually post the thing I wrote yesterday, so it just now went up.

I hope you will forgive me for posting a second entry so soon afterwards, but since tomorrow is the new year, I must do so if I am to get all my songs posted while it is yet 2013.

#4: Colony 5–My World

Yeah. I listened to this band a lot this past year. What can I say?
More of the Goth/industrial style music that I like so much. It has a good beat, but the vocals are a little slowed down and drawn out by comparison.
Most of the songs on my repeat lists are longer by an average of about 2 minutes, so it seems kind of short to me…but…it’s interesting, the lyrics. It could either be about a vampire or a crazy person. Kind of open to interpretation there.
And, of course, I enjoy my vampires and crazy people ever so much…

#3: Erwin Beekveld–They’re Taking The Hobbits to Isengard

lol. This song.
Sooo…I forget who introduced it to me originally, but this is a thing at our theatre from time to time.
Back when the first Hunger Games came out, we had it playing a lot in the office, and would sing it while we cleaned theatres…and then last year when The Hobbit came out, we introduced the 10 hour version and would leave it on in various offices, just to see how long it would go before someone got fed up and turned it off…we definitely got through 6 hours once, but I don’t think it got higher than that.
So, yeah. Auto-tuned movie clips. Catchy remix of Howard Shore’s LOTR soundtrack…what more could you want in a viral internet song?